Landgoed De Zonnebloem

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At De Zonnebloem estate, Winterswijk Brinkheurne deep in the beautiful Achterhoek, there is a lush green campsite!
We have a lot of space, peace and beautiful places here where you can enjoy the silence ... or take action if you like walking and cycling.

There is enough space for small and large tents.
There is also room for campers with campers and caravans.
Or you can use our 2p hiker's cabin or mobile guest car.
Camping is possible after consultation via

Welcome! 🌻🔆


Landgoed De Zonnebloem
De Slingeweg 12
7115AG Winterswijk Brinkheurne
Telephone number: 0647767691 / 0630468076


About the accommodation

The text below is automatically translated from another language using Google Translate. The translation may not be entirely accurate.

There are several camping fields at De Zonnebloem estate.

The Zonnegaard where you camp among the old fruit trees, shrubs and a frog pond.
This camping field is equipped with a large campfire place, two cabinets with multiple electricity connections (ordinary socket connections, 10 amp), tap water points and two sanitary units are located nearby. All of these are included in the price.
The field kitchen, on the edge of De Zonnegaard, can be used in consultation and at a small additional cost.

Hiker's cabin De Bosuil, located on De Zonnegaard is suitable for a stay with 2 persons; 2 single beds with bed linen and inventory are available. At the moment De Bosuil does not yet have its own sanitary facilities. You can use the camping sanitary facilities.

Buitenveld De Zonnekracht is a place very suitable for the back to basic camper.
Apart from a cold water tap, there are no facilities on this outside field. You are here on the edge of the forest, the Slingebeek, the retention area and the large frog pool. In the summer months our 2 tipis are often installed here.

De Woord is a beautiful place with cherry and walnut trees.
From here there is a view over our Little Paradise picking garden, which is open every Thursday to Sunday and where you can also enjoy freshly picked tea, ice cream and other snacks.
Our small art stage is also located on this field. A small open air stage where every now and then something is organized.
This field has a mobile sanitary facility, a cold water tap and limited possibility for an electricity connection.

We would like to offer everyone a heartwarming experience place.
One where one can connect with oneself, each other, the animals and nature!
Apart from the crowds, an island beyond time!
Our aim is to be self-sufficient as much as possible. Sustainability and respect for nature are of paramount importance, which is why we have been working and living on the farm according to ecological and sustainable principles for more than 25 years.
So with us no luxury jacuzzis or 5-star furnishings. You will find a 'back to basic' feeling with us; Back to nature; Back to yourself; Really enjoy each other's presence… without too much distraction.

Landgoed De Zonnebloem includes an animal meadow with alpacas; an enclosed playground; bowling alley; labyrinth; Pluckuin Klein Paradijs; the Klein-Kunstpodium Landgoed De Zonnebloem; nature art; retention area; craft field 'The Green Circle'; apiary; (board and retirement) horses; donkeys; a private piece of forest that runs along the Slingebeek; frog pools; organic greenhouse and vegetable garden; organic fields; old stables and pieces of untouched nature.
Maintenance of all this is partly in the hands of our supervisors, volunteers, (care) residents, care participants daytime activities of Zorgboerderij De Zonnebloem and family in Voortwis.

On the estate and in the beautiful surroundings you can enjoy walking and cycling in nature. Enjoy beautiful places such as the picturesque Slingebeek, the Wooldse peat or the Bekkenelle (Bek-en-Delle).
The estate itself offers different silence and experiences, each with its own theme and emotional experience.
In addition, a visit to the center of Winterswijk is very worthwhile.
Due to its commodity market, shopping and culture offer, it is a village with city allure where you can still park for free.
From Landgoed De Zonnebloem, everything is easily accessible and easy to do, so come along soon!

You are most welcome at our special place, our “Island out of time”.

trails nearby Landgoed De Zonnebloem

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See you soon at Landgoed De Zonnebloem